Furlough Week (the rest of it)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Furlough Week tried to not heed my warning. It threw another round of snot at us, plus a fun trip to Costco for Jennifer where she stood in two long lines to order contacts, only to discover that her eye doctor apparently time traveled to put a January expiration date on her prescription.

But we refused to sit at home and play our sad trombones. We had quite the spectacular day on Thursday, spending most of it at the Children’s Museum. Henry and Eleanor were in good spirits, roaring at strangers in the dinosaur exhibit and dancing to the music on the carousel. The kids also saw their first planetarium show, featuring Big Bird and Elmo, which they are still talking about. We ended the day going out for supper. Henry acted like we had never taken him out to eat before; “I LOVE eating at this restaurant,” he kept saying.

On Friday morning we went to the gym, where Andy got to see Henry and Eleanor jump on trampolines and navigate across balance beams. That afternoon the kids took a nap, their first in about two weeks, so there was much rejoicing.

The weekend involved snot, sleeping in, watching lots of Olympics and FINALLY some organizing. I tackled our office and worked my way through mountains of paperwork. It wasn’t quite the big start that I wanted to getting our house in order, but hey, I’ll take it. Andy and I don’t really do Valentine’s Day (we’d rather celebrate our anniversary instead of when Hallmark tells us to celebrate—hopeless romantics, that's us) so we spent the day focusing on the love of our family. And what a family we have. Henry hugged Andy and I while proclaiming, “I love you guys,” and Eleanor told me I was her best friend. Doesn’t get any better than that, does it?

Some photos of our family togetherness, just to rub it in Furlough Week’s face:


E said...

Brilliant! Those pictures are fantastic. Oh my goodness. I love the newspaper pic. So fantastic. :) Glad you had some highlights of the week.

the kringalings said...

oh, I had a rough day and your pictures put a smile on my face at the end of it! Thanks! I love your best friends! :)

Blabbermouse said...

Those kids are PRECIOUS. Looks like you got one-of-each as far as lookalikes. That's how it is at our house too!

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