Victory will be ours, Furlough Week

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dear Furlough Week:

We were supposed to have a great week of organizing, cleaning, and lots of family fun. Why are you trying your best to thwart us?

Like on Saturday, when you snowed us in, and the dog’s rope was hidden in the snow and accidentally got tangled up in the snowblower, forcing us (okay, Andy) to shovel our big-ass driveway.

And on Sunday, when all we wanted to do was eat Velveeta and watch the Colts win the Super Bowl, but Andy ran a fever all day and the Colts lost and we missed large blocks of the game because we suddenly had no water.

And yes, on Monday we did get the kids out to the bouncy-house place, but let’s not forget how most of our day was spent with the plumber, giving him our money to replace our well’s pressure switch and fix the water softener.

And I guess Andy still being sick and feverish wasn’t enough, because yesterday Henry got to run a fever, too. Plus you snowed us in again.

Furlough Week, couldn’t you just be content with not paying Andy for the week? Whatever. We’re down but not out. Today, Henry’s better and Andy’s almost better and I checked my yearly eye exam off the list and we cleaned out the fridge. And we have plans to get out of the house and have fun tomorrow, no matter what germs or precipitation you try to throw at us.

So watch out, Furlough Week. WE WILL NOT BE THWARTED.

the Flesworthys


designHER Momma said...

you need cupcakes. No seriously, give me your address and you will have cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

I hope your weekend turns out be awesome. You guys deserve it.
The Jasper Worthingtons

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