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Friday, January 8, 2010

Things I shouldn’t love, but I do
1. Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, including
2. the video for Bad Romance, but in particular
3. the Alexander McQueen get-up she wears in the video, more specifically
4. those horrible hoof boot-shoe-things that I find so weirdly beautiful, like, they make me happy and I can’t quit staring at them (but I have a closet full of Dansko clogs, so my taste in footwear is suspect)


Andy and I finished season three of The Wire this week (on our spiffy new TV—thanks, Santa!). And I know I keep mentioning my obsession with this show, and pestering you all around the internet to please watch it, but seriously, people, PLEASE WATCH THE WIRE. It is very graphic in all it depicts, but it is just so, so good. We watched a Q & A with cast and crew that was one of the DVD extras, and I learned that the creators are a print journalist and a 20-year Baltimore cop who then became a teacher, so that explains the realism. I also discovered that Baltimore is only like 40 minutes from Washington D.C., and the fact that I did not know that probably got my valedictorian membership revoked. That, and the fact that I misspelled “valedictorian” the first time I typed it.

I know that health care is a mess, and the economy’s in the crapper, but the fact that The Wire didn’t win every award ever created, while knife-wife-threatener Charlie Sheen is allowed to be the highest-paid dude on TV? THAT, my friends, is what truly is wrong with our country.


I finished my first book of 2010: I am a Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want to Be Your Class President by Josh Lieb. A thumbs-up recommendation. I expected it to be funny, since the author is a Daily Show executive producer and there’s a Judd Apatow blurb on the cover. But it actually is pretty melancholy, and your heart hurts for the main character, Oliver. The website for the book is pretty genius, too.

Now I’m trying to finish up books I started over the holidays: 9 Dragons by Michael Connelly, and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith. Pride and Prejudice is my book club’s pick, but I decided to read the zombie version because doesn’t that sound more fun? I have the original on my iPhone to browse to make sure I didn’t miss anything, and so I can contribute to the book club discussion more than, “What do I think of Elizabeth’s relationship with Lady Catherine? Was that before or after Elizabeth battled her ninjas?”

I’m trying to figure out how I want to keep track of what I’ve read in 2010. I might keep doing individual posts, or I might do a running list over there in the sidebar somewhere. That way, I stay motivated to keep reading, since it really is my very favorite thing, and you might be motivated to pass along some book recommendations.

(UPDATE: sidebar added!)


I know my children are why people (read: grandmas) visit this blog, but I have a lack of kid-stories due to it being -8275656 degrees outside and snowy, so we’ve stayed inside in our jammies all week. Henry and Eleanor were just telling me their toy Dyson pooped and pretended to change its diaper, so I think we all have a touch of cabin fever.

We still have lingering naptime issues, mainly the lack of naps, which is driving me a little crazy. I’m blaming the toddler beds until I find a better reason. Although toddler beds are also the reason I crept in to check on the kids the other night and found them snuggled together thusly.

I should have moved Henry back to his own bed, but I didn’t, because how do you break up that cuteness?


E said...

Great book recommendations. You should do that running side bar "Books of 2010" list! The pic of Henry and Eleanor is p.r.e.c.i.o.u.s.

I might have to start watching "The Wire" again now that I have my Snuggie to protect me from bad dreams. I really really liked the show. Maybe I could just make sure to read something really cute and fluffy right before bed. :)

Anonymous said...

Precious! And who is your santa?

Flesworthy said...

Emily, the sidebar book list is my current top choice, too.

And my "Santa" was either the jolly man in the red suit, or a couple sets of fantastic parents & a really really really good deal at Best Buy.

Anonymous said...

If you need another perspective on Pride and Prejudice, I would suggest Lost in Austen, which was a british mini series in which a modern day girl (who works a boring job in a bank and has a bad boyfriend) finds herself in the midst of the Pride and Prejudice story line, having discovered a link between the two world in her bathroom.
And I really like Bad Romance. The song, the video, the shoes, the white rubber suits.


the kringalings said...

I'm glad to hear you haven't finished the Zombie book yet either. I had to return it to the library and will re-request it (if you still plan on reading it).

I like how it looks as if Henry brought his own blanket over to Eleanor's bed!

lil sis said...

funny post! man, just think of how gigantic tall i would be in those boat-heel shoe things. i'm 92% sure that jonathan would break up with me.

Anonymous said...

Do not break-up the cute . . . you must NEVER break-up the cute! I used to let Cooper and Maren sleep together for that exact reason. And I am so seriously loving Lady Gaga's Bad Romance as well . . . I can't put my finger on just what it is about her, but I'll take it over Britany or any other pop-tart anyday!

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