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Friday, September 25, 2009

Last week, kids and I were in the car on our way to the grocery store. Random toddler babble was occurring in the backseat, when all of a sudden Eleanor started saying/half-yelling “Other kids love ME! Other kids love ME!”

This same grocery trip also involved Henry wearing his pretend police hat, because he refused to take it off and I didn’t care because whatever, it’s just a hat and it’s just Kroger. I was not prepared for how insanely cute the sight of a little boy in a police hat driving a plastic car attached to the front of the cart is, and enjoyed receiving smirk-and-eye-twinkle faces from everyone who passed our cart while clearly trying to not have their head explode from cuteness overload.

In case you ever had any doubts that Eleanor looked like my mother-in-law:

Can I please just state for the record that I have a girl crush on Michelle Obama? I mean, no matter what your politics are, you cannot deny that the woman is hot. I realized the other day that I’ve never seen a photo of her without going “OMG I LOVE EVERY OUTFIT SHE WEARS,” and coveting every single jeweled brooch and dress and belt-over-cardigan combo. Plus she’s so tall she never looks stumpy wearing flats, and has real-person hips and if I had her arms I would never wear sleeves ever again. Michelle, you had me at hello that awesome lemongrass Inauguration Day suit with J. Crew leather gloves.

So Henry and Eleanor were with me at the bank the other day, and the very nice teller ladies were making small talk and of course asked if the kids were twins, and then the one lady said, “Oh, you’re done, right?” Which, you know, I get this comment a lot, and if you’re ever thinking of incorporating it into any small talk in my presence, just don’t. I know she meant well, but to me this comment implies that either a) twins are so incredibly difficult that you cannot even bear to think of raising any more children, or b) one boy plus one girl equals the perfect family. Which just pisses me off, because a) I worked hard for my children and yeah, they’re a pain in my ass some days but you better believe that I’m the most blessed mother ever, and b) I couldn’t imagine life without my sister and (in my opinion) we’re some of the best kids any parent could have and who are you to imply that my parents should have wanted a boy? An even more hated variation of this theme are the comments in the vein of “hey, you did it the easy way and popped out a girl and boy at the same time.” Yeah, it was soooooo easy.

My photo class assignment this week was “hands of time.” Did you know that sometimes two-year-olds will not cooperate with your wishes to take their photo? I know, big shocker, right? Thankfully Henry played along for a couple of photos.


E said...

Jennifer! You are such a talented photographer. Thank you for being so darn inspiring.

Additionally, I'm sorry people say such bogus things.

Also, Michelle = a total hottie.

One more thing, you = 100% fabulous.

Thanks for being great. Sending you a big hug across the miles. :)

the kringalings said...

Love this post. I hate the, "so, you're done right?" too for all the reasons you posted. Plus - hello! We've birthed two other kids and would love to have all four of them running around. Sorry you think your opion's perfect and two's the perfect number, idiot.

Where does "other kids love ME" come from?

AWESOME pictures!

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