Did This Week Just Zoom By, Or What?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Where did this week go, I ask you? One minute I’m all, “bummer, it’s Sunday night, time to start a new week” and the next I’m all “hey, it’s Friday again? how did that happen?”

Yeah, we had a busy week, but a good busy, thankfully. Our days were filled with playgroups, parks, story time at the library. We spent a lot of time outside enjoying this beautiful, perfect weather, and I have the allergies and the allergist appointment next Tuesday to prove it. Nights were just as busy. Monday night was my book club with a fantastic group of moms from twins club. Andy took his creative writing class on Tuesday night, and I had my photography class on Thursday night. For my class we had to submit a photo; the assignment was “my favorite beverage.” Can you guess what mine is?

If you guessed “a nice cold beer in the summertime,” then (ding!ding!ding!) we have a winner! The beer in the photo was my very last Sam Adams summer ale of the season. Farewell, lemony seasonal brews, see you next May.

So last weekend was my twins club’s semi-annual sale. I stocked up on cute winter clothes for the kiddos, but check out my favorite purchase:

OMG HOW CUTE IS THAT TOY DYSON? I am so fired up over this $3 replica you’d think the actual British Dyson dude himself delivered it on a velvet pillow and promised to use it to vacuum my house for me every week.

We also had a lovely visit last weekend with Grandma & Grandpa, who were making their way home from a summer at the lake. Eleanor displayed her love of grandmas, both kids scarfed down egg rolls when Andy’s folks treated us to Chinese food for supper, and I’d love to show you photos but they’re all still on my camera.

So that, in a (somewhat concise) nutshell, was our week. Note to fall: please slow down. We can’t have you rushing by as quickly as summer did, okay?


E said...

Totally awesome!!!!!!!!!! I want one! :)

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