Flesworthy Filler Friday

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sometimes stuff occurs that doesn’t make it into a blog post, but I still feel like driveling on about it, so welcome to the first edition of my occasionally-whenever-I-feel-like-it-but-always-on-Fridays new feature, Flesworthy Filler Friday.

So Henry calls hot dogs “hop dogs” and the way he says it is so cute I hope he never corrects himself.

I think two has been a fantastic age so far, but when those terrible twos creep up now and then? UGH. Henry had a twenty-minute meltdown this week because I broke a piece of pop-tart into two pieces. Lately there’s been lots of “NO! MINE!!!” And don’t get me started on how both Henry and Eleanor want to put on their shirts themselves, which sounds reasonable, until they get the shirt on over their heads and I then have to chase them down for ten minutes to do their sleeves. I have resigned myself to the fact that it is impossible to get anywhere before 10:00 in the morning.

I am aware that Andy and I have the annoying habit of developing a strong love for a pop culture product and then trying to force everyone we know to also have that love (see: movies starring Christopher Guest, Arrested Development, Flight of the Conchords, Battlestar Galactica). But I’m not going to break that habit just yet, because seriously, people, YOU MUST WATCH THE WIRE. Andy’s been watching all the DVDs for a while, and he’d try to tell me, “this is probably the best show ever written” but I’d watch an episode and I’d be all “what? what are they saying? who’s the 5-0?” because the cops talk in actual cop-speak and the drug dealers talk in street slang and I am neither. But I got sucked in during the final season and quickly realized that I should have listened to Andy. He was up for re-watching the series with me and we just finished season one and have season two waiting to be picked up at the library. There are plot points that have stuck with me for weeks afterwards and you find yourself having sympathy for people that you probably shouldn’t and enough about it, JUST GO RENT IT RIGHT NOW. You can thank me later.

Although my Wire addiction has probably gotten a little out of control. We were watching an episode the other night and I asked Andy “why’d that chick get popped?” and couldn’t understand why he laughed at me.

I ended up in a photography class last night after feeling a little burned out lately, and realizing that I haven’t had a true overnight break from the kids since last October and everything I do is for the kids or kid-related and which culminated in me standing in my kitchen Tuesday night and crying to Andy, “*sniff* I’ve lost my identity! All I ever get to be is just a mom! *blubber*” So Operation More Than Just A Mom is now in effect. I signed up for a photography class (so I can take better pictures of my kids, but still, it’s a step, right?) and an overnight trip for Andy and me is in the planning stages. I might even try to blog about topics other than my children sometimes (see The Wire, above) (seriously, have you added it to your Netflix queue yet?).

“Hop dogs” are pretty cute, but I think the award for Best Recent Cuteness goes to this:


the kringalings said...

what are those things?

Very cool on the class-taking! You'll have to tutor me.

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