We're Going to the Lake, Where I'm Determined to Have Fun, Even If It Kills Me, Which It Might, Given How This Month is Going

Saturday, June 20, 2009

So, this pretty much sums up June so far:

This month has produced my first ever drug allergy and first ever broken bone (my pinkie toe after I walked into a chair on Thursday). Also five trips to the doctor, one trip to the hospital for x-rays, one new right-side car mirror, one full-body rash, blood pressure medication, oozy itchy poison ivy, and five trips to the pharmacy.

(And all snarkiness aside for a moment, none of this compares to learning this week that a favorite aunt, who is loving and welcoming and makes the best Texas sheet cake you will ever taste, is losing her cancer battle. She deserves more than prayers from an agnostic doesn't-pray-very-often niece, so I'm calling in reinforcements; all good thoughts appreciated.)

Andy's on work furlough again, so that black cloud of doom you saw leaving the metro Indy area today was us, heading north to Michigan. If Andy's going to have to not be paid for a week, we'd prefer to not get paid by a crystal clear lake. We'll be unplugged and lounging and trying to purge this month from our memories, so posting will be light. Cross your fingers that you won't read any "Area Woman Falls Off Sand Dune, Eaten by Cougar" headlines coming from up north, because seriously, it's been that kind of month.


Amanda said...

I'm sure you'll be fine! We just got back and it's so beautiful up there right now! Still I'll have my parents check the paper for me everyday just in case...

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