Flesworthy Family Fun: Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Friday, June 19, 2009

We had wanted to try out an Indians game with the kids this summer; they seem to finally be at an age where more family outings are possible. Andy scored us some free tickets, so last Friday we headed out to the ball park, keeping our fingers crossed for fun despite keeping Henry and Eleanor up several hours past bedtime.

Andy and I were excited to have a new experience with Henry and Eleanor. Henry and Eleanor were excited to clap for the starting lineup, salute the flag during the national anthem, insist on constantly rotating between us and Julie and Jonathan in the next row, eat pretzels and French fries, make friends with the slightly intoxicated but very friendly rednecks down the row, insist on constantly rotating between us and Julie and Jonathan in the next row, and watch the foul balls hit the “house” (what they called the press boxes behind us). Oh, and did I mention how much fun they had constantly being handed from row to row?

The main highlight for Henry and Eleanor was seeing Rowdie, the Indians mascot, who is neither a Native American nor any animal we could recognize. Bear? Rat? They were constantly on the lookout for “red bear,” and braved a long line during the eighth inning to collect an autograph and snap a photo.

After the game we stayed for the fireworks, which Henry and Eleanor had never seen before. They seemed interested in the show, which ended with fireworks spelling “Coors Light” (you stay classy, Victory Field). We filed out with the crowds to head back to the parking garage, and Henry and Eleanor got a big smile and a “HEEEEEEEEEEEY!” when spotted in the crowd by their new slightly-intoxicated-but-friendly redneck pals.

And now let me launch into another one of my “they’re growing up so fast; we’re so lucky” rambles. I’m amazed how quickly Henry and Eleanor have turned from babies into KIDS. Kids that can navigate a crowd at the ball park, tell us about how fast the players are throwing the ball, stay up until 11:00 p.m. without too much disruption to their schedule. Andy and I are so fortunate to be along for the ride.


Emily said...

This looks like 100% fun, fun, fun! I LOVE the last picture. Wow! :) Seriously, you are the grooviest family on the earth.

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