Sunday, June 21, 2009

I am lucky to have a great father, a dad who coached my little league teams, who sat through all my spring sings and Christmas programs, who loves and encourages me and fixes my broken faucets.

My children share the same good fortune. How lucky are they to have Andy as their father? Henry and Eleanor get a dad who loved them before they were born, when they were just a possibility that he wished for with every fertility drug injection he gave their mom. They get a dad who loves their brother and sister, who knows to cherish every hard-earned minute with his children. They get a dad who is excited to share new experiences with them, who takes them on wagon rides, who gives them baths, who taught them to yell “MONSTER TRUCK,” who reads them book after book after book, and who still sneaks in to peek at them sleeping every night, to marvel at how wonderful they are.

Henry and Eleanor are extremely lucky, but I think if you ask Andy, he’d say that HE’s the lucky one.


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