Mother's Day Weekend by the Numbers

Monday, May 11, 2009

100 mile per hour winds that ravaged southern Illinois Friday afternoon
1 worried daughter grateful her parents are safe
460 dollars raised by awesome friends and family
4 miles walked in the March for Babies
1 nap
1 kind blog post that made me cry
1 Whole Foods hamburger consumed
2 thumbs up for Star Trek
2 years since I had been to the movies
1 Elmo card signed by
2 extraordinary toddlers
1 more nap
1 impromptu trip to the zoo
10 minutes on a train ride
9 dollars for family to ride train
4 dolphins splashing at the dolphin show
5 bedtime stories read
2 helpings of delicious balsamic vinegar pasta made by
1 great husband
2 episodes of South Park watched
1 grateful Mommy


Emily said...

What a groovy weekend! I especially LOVE the kids' backpacks. Totally sweet! :)

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