Monday, May 11, 2009

We arrived at the March for Babies on Saturday and were immediately glad we had some jackets stashed in the car. It was cloudy and windy and chilly, but our spirits weren’t dampened. I got our family signed in, and we congregated with the rest of our Northside Twins & Multiples team. The Red Robin restaurant mascot (or “red birdie” as the kids called him) made the rounds, and Henry and Eleanor were fascinated but too nervous to approach.

After some announcements the walk began. I’m not good at counting crowds, but I’d guess there were a few hundred of us that took off down the trail, with our team bringing up the rear. Before the walk, volunteers had passed out beads for the walkers—purple for parents, silver for families with survivors of premature birth, gold for families who’ve experienced infant mortality. I hate that any gold beads were passed out at all, but it was comforting to look out at the crowd and spot other families who have gone through similar experiences. I also spotted many families wearing team t-shirts, displaying the name or photo of their favorite preemie. There were lots of very loved children there that day.

After the almost-4-mile walk, we enjoyed some free food that sponsors had donated. Henry and Eleanor were delighted at the return of “red birdie” and even approached him to give him five. After sitting and snacking and people watching, we headed home, thankful to have spent the afternoon in the company of other parents and families of preemies.

A big, huge, you-overwhelmed-me-with-your-generosity thank you to everyone who donated to our walk. Andy, Henry, Eleanor and I are incredibly thankful to have so many people in our lives who support us, not only during our reproductive saga years, but also now as we raise our two healthy children we are so lucky to have and remember our two children who can’t be with us. My wish is that the other families we hoped to help with our walk have as great of a support system as we continue to enjoy. Thanks to you all!


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