Why I Was Not an Art Major

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Artist: I have always been drawn to statues. They are a subset of sculpture and play a particular role. Indianapolis is a city of memorial statues and I wanted to connect to this but in a contemporary way. Since I started showing art in the early '80s I have played around with the relationship of something drawn and something sculpted. I often draw on sculptures, or rather turn the material that I draw on (the sheet of blank paper) into a sculpture of the same thing that I am drawing. Over the years I have found that the relationship between the two can be loose. Watching children play I see that a whole city or farm can be imagined using simple wooden blocks as long as each block carries a simple sign for the thing that it is. Each side is a flat drawing and she is always seen from the front. I hope that the eye and brain put the information together to make a whole person.

Jennifer: Hmmmm…dancing chick…street corner…DIGITAL HOOKER.


Emily said...

Work it, hot stuff! I LOVE YOUR BLOG FORMAT! Looks great. :)

Anonymous said...

so you can pay her electronically?

Andu said...

Yay...I can post!

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