Friday, March 27, 2009

Random tidbits that hadn't found their way into other posts:

We had our first crib break-out! Last night, we put the babies to bed, and suddenly in the midst of their chattering we heard a thud then a cry. It was Eleanor, who was standing on the floor of her room, crying and with this look of “hey what happened” on her face. I think it must have scared her; she hasn’t attempted to escape again.

I attended my second MOPS meeting on Wednesday. This time it was a bit easier leaving Henry and Eleanor behind—I just kept reminding myself “they’ll come get me if the babies freak out.” It was another crafty meeting. I made some birthday shirts for the kiddos, and we all decorated ourselves with some henna (otherwise known as mehndi).

Isn’t it tre-mehndi-ous? (ba-da-bum)

Henry and Eleanor have been trying their best to jump, previously with no success. Eleanor finally got off the ground last weekend, and the other night we were in the kitchen, and Andy and I demonstrated a jump for Henry. He bent his little legs, said “jump!” and got himself a few inches off the ground! The look on his face was priceless—first a “whoa did you see what I just did” look of surprise, then a big smile accompanied with some giggles.

Henry has developed an interest in saying good-bye to people and things. Everytime we leave he now has to bid adieu to his surroundings. When I picked him up after my MOPS meeting, he said farewell to the nursery—“bye-bye truck! bye-bye bear! bye-bye choo-choo train table!”

Eleanor, meanwhile has developed an interest in putting things to bed. She has a renewed love for her baby crib, and puts her dolls “night-night” every day this week. In addition, if her beloved Bentley is lying on the floor, and his eyes appear to be closed, Eleanor will declare “doggie asleep!” and will get one of her quilts to lay over Bentley. The poor dog can’t take a nap this week without getting tucked in.

The babies know the names of most of their body parts, but they’ve decided to be very focused on nipples lately (or “neemles” as they call them). Henry was standing on a chair the other day and I leaned over to give him a hug. He then said, “Mommy neemles” and started pressing on my boobs one at a time—left boob, right boob, left boob, right boob. I haven’t taught them the word “breast” yet, so I just replied, “yes, those are Mommy’s nipples.” Then Eleanor wanted to join in the conversation, so she said “Eleanor neemles!” and lifted her shirt for emphasis. Well, of course then Henry had to state that he had neemles, complete with a show-and-tell. Henry and Eleanor also informed me that Daddy and Aunt DeeDee have neemles, too. Sometimes I’m glad the neighbors can’t hear the toddler discussions we have.

We enjoyed a fun playdate on Tuesday at twin-mom-friend Aimee’s house with a gaggle of other twins. As we were saying our good-byes, I looked down to see Henry smooching his friend Lilly right on the kisser. Such a heartthrob, my boy. Daddy must have passed down his love of redheads.

The babies and I journeyed to my favorite bakery yesterday to order a birthday cake. I bought some treats to bring home, including a donut for myself, and did the whole “ok, kids, let’s get a donut for Daddy, too!” thing and then totally came home and ate both donuts. (Sorry, dear.) I have now learned the secret to overcoming the frustrating “getting the kids to go inside when we get home” portion of our trips out—bribe them with donuts (or cake, as they called it). I have never seen two toddlers scramble up the stairs so fast.

Here’s a random photo of cuteness to end out the post:

my babies who TURN TWO ON SUNDAY OMG


Emily said...

:) :) :) :) :) awww. Henry's first kiss.

I'm so glad you've met so many cool mommas to hang out with.

Your henna hand is gorgeous! Happy weekend.

Shelley said...

Crib break-out! Oh no! We haven't had that happen yet (knock on wood). I can't get over Eleanor's hair. I love it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY H&E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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