Almost Two

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My sweet, wonderful, how-are-they-growing-this-fast babies turn two one week from today. I can’t believe that the only babies in my house now are the dolls that Henry and Eleanor like to tuck in the toy crib. But how fun it is to see what wonderful people they are now. So, you ask, what are Henry and Eleanor like at almost-two?

Henry is teaching me that there is truth behind the “all boy” stereotype. The little dude loves his cars, planes, trains, tractors, trucks, and buses. He’s also a ball player, throwing with quite an impressive arm, and just recently starting to kick, yelling “KICK!” every time he gets the ball sailing. He’ll help Eleanor tend to the dolls, and likes his Cat in the Hat stuffed animal, but also takes footballs and cars to bed to snuggle with at naptime. Lately, when he’s upset, he’ll tearfully tell me, “Mom. Couch.” and a snuggle with Mommy on the couch seems to make things better. Henry has a wonderful silly streak, and likes to make faces and sing songs and dance. He likes to sleep and hates to wake up and still wants his “binky” at naptime and bedtime. He is very easygoing, but occasionally throws a tantrum like nobody’s business. Henry tries to be independent lately, and would rather walk than be carried. When you’ve done something Henry finds amusing, you’ll be rewarded with him saying your name while laughing—“Mom-ha-ha-meeee!”

Eleanor is our force of nature. Her swirly, curly hair matches her dynamic personality. She is happy-go-lucky and loving and smiley. If she kisses one of us, she’ll have to kiss us all: “Mommy kiss! Daddy kiss! Henry kiss!” She constantly wants whatever toy Henry is currently playing with. She pulls apart all of her sandwiches. After practicing her jumping for several weeks, this weekend she finally got airborne. She loves to climb and has never met a slide she doesn’t like. Eleanor thrives on praise and gets the best “I’m proud of myself” look on her face when she’s done something noteworthy. She has surprised us with her shy streak that appears around new people and situations. She loves animals, whether it’s her doggie and kitty or ones at the zoo. She tries so hard to dress herself, and can often be seen wandering the house with an extra shirt pulled over her head.

Together, Henry and Eleanor start chattering upon waking in the morning, and don’t stop until it’s time for bed. They still love to sign, and are starting to string together three or four words together to make toddler-sentences. They are beginning to pretend more, cooking meals together with their play food or helping the dog go night-night with a pillow and a blanket. They play so well together, but I’ve noticed some hitting and pushing start to happen lately when they get frustrated. Henry and Eleanor have begun to notice when the other is getting special attention. Henry resolves the issue by bonking his head on the nearest object and acting hurt, while Eleanor will make a pretend crying noise.

I’m running out of witty ways to describe on this blog how much I love being their mom, so let me just say: I love them so much and am so very lucky.


Jennifer said...
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Emily said...

WOW! ALMOST TWO! :) They are such cool kids. Truly.

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