Carterville, As Told By Mommy

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Henry, Eleanor and I had a nice time in Carterville last week, especially Henry and Eleanor, who were spoiled/told how great they were/told how cute they were/kissed and cuddled for pretty much all of their waking hours. Some highlights of our week:

A batch of nice weather at the beginning of the week, which let us enjoy the outdoors. We visited the park, commandeered the neighbor’s swingset, ran in the yard, drew on the driveway, rode on tractors, and giggled at the fish in the water garden.

A visit to the airport to look at the planes. Henry and Eleanor got to sit in Grandpa’s plane for the first time. I think Henry was ready to take off and go for a ride.

Visits with friends. We dropped in on family friends Leon and Vickie, oohing and aahing over their beautiful kitchen remodel. I got to attend Mom’s quilting group in her place. And I got to visit with childhood friends Jeremy and Rebecca and FINALLY meet their gorgeous daughter, Eve. Hopefully I’ll see her again before another two years pass.

Witnessing the love between babies and grandparents. Henry and Eleanor loved being rocked and snuggled. Grandma and Grandpa patiently read Henry’s “choo-choo book” (The Little Engine That Could) all of the 728175 times Henry requested it. I was standing right next to Mom, and Eleanor approached us to be picked up and held, and of course chose her Grandma over Mommy.


the kringalings said...

Not always bad to be second fiddle is it?

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