Pancakes and Perfection

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today is Fat Tuesday, so Henry, Eleanor and I spent the day yelling at people to show us their boobs and flinging beads everywhere. Not really, but we did have pancakes for supper. Pancakes on Fat Tuesday is a tradition I just learned about last year. Apparently, fun stuff like eggs and lard was forbidden during Lent, so people spent the day before cleaning out their pantry and pigging out. Although Andy and I are heathen kinda-not-believers who fully intend on indulging all the way through Lent, I still think it’s a neat tradition and plan to continue it at our house. Now that Lent/Easter season is upon us, prepare for a lot of me going on and on about how Easter is my absolute favorite holiday (Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs! bunnies! Jesus Christ Superstar!).

In other news, if Henry and Eleanor would behave every day like they did today, I would laugh when people try to tell me that twins are hard work, rolling my eyes and exclaiming, “Pssssshhhht! Whatever, they are sooooo easy.” I had to drag them along to our mortgage refinance closing, which is the opposite of fun, but they sat on the floor and read their books, and climbed into our laps to watch us sign forms, telling everybody “right back” when someone left the room. We went out to lunch, where they charmed the employees and didn’t make much of a mess. They napped for two hours despite going down for their nap later than usual. They kindly let me know when they had pooped in their diapers. They got fired up when Daddy got home, and when blueberries were served at supper. To top it off, their favorite game to play today was holding hands and walking down the hall, yelling “more hands!” then running to the other end to repeat, over and over. I’ve probably just jinxed myself into a week of crankiness and tantrums, but today was perfection.

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