Thanksgiving, Part II

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Now on to recapping the second part of our Thanksgiving weekend. We got back to Indy, where my folks had arrived the night before. Spoiling of grandchildren immediately commenced. I think my parents uttered the word “cute” about 83 times in the first fifteen minutes we were home. We all played with Henry and Eleanor for a while; the babies had a great time running in circles in the kitchen with Grandpa. That afternoon, I managed to tear my mother away from the babies and went to the mall for a quick baby-clothes-purchasing spree at Penney’s.

On Friday night, Andy and I headed to the Pacers game. NBA basketball is just kinda meh to me. I much prefer watching college teams. But Andy had suite tickets, and I never turn down V.I.P treatment. I scarfed down nachos and sipped Heineken and paid no attention to the game, wondering if anybody would notice if I turned the suite’s TV over to Ghost Whisperer. The game finally became exciting towards the end, going into overtime before the Pacers lost.

Saturday brought more lounging and playing with the babies and saving our appetite for more turkey. Henry and Eleanor wanted to "help" Grandma cook, so they donned oven mitts and sat at their table with pots and bowls and spoons. Aren’t you jealous that I got not one, but TWO Thanksgiving meals this year, and I didn’t have to cook either one? Eleanor proved herself to be a farm girl, slurping down the flour-and-egg noodles that are a tradition in my family. “Noo-noo!” she called them. She also loved my mom’s homemade rolls (yum, so do I).

After pigging out, Julie and I ran to Sephora so I could spend some of my birthday money. We had fun dolling me up in some lovely electric blue and yellow eye shadow, complete with purple eyeliner. My plan was to see if Andy would notice, and if he did, to convince him clownish eye make-up was the new trend. But he noticed right away. He informed me, “I can tell when you’re lying.” Curses, foiled again!


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