Thanksgiving, Part I

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Have you missed me? I’ve been offline for the past week, enjoying the holiday. Here’s what the FlesWorthys were doing while we were off having fun:

On Wednesday night, we drove to Champaign to spend Thanksgiving with Andy’s parents. After chirping like baby birds for some of the McDonald’s fries Andy and I picked up on the way out of town, Henry and Eleanor settled down and slept the whole way there.

After unloading the car, guess who realized that her fully-packed duffle bag was still in her bedroom in Indy? Yeah, that would be me. Thankfully, Wal-mart never closes, so I went Thursday morning to partake in the traditional Purchasing of the Holiday Underwear.

The rest of Thanksgiving was spent lounging and eating. Eleanor was in a bad mood, so we were treated to screeching and whining in between bouts of charming-ness. The babies played with some of Andy’s childhood toys, and we had some family play time out in the yard.

Henry and Eleanor had fun eating appetizers with us, dipping their chips into salsa and their crackers into cheese. We safety-pinned napkins around their necks to use as bibs, which they refused to take off after supper. All of us pigged out on some delicious food, which included Andy’s Thanksgiving favorites of creamed onions and rutabaga. Henry had several helpings of mashed potatoes, and kept shoveling them in his mouth and going, “yum-num-num!”

I think Eleanor would have spent her entire visit on Grandma’s lap if she could. Every chance she’d get, she’d crawl up for a snuggle. Henry needed to keep tabs on Grandpa. “Pa-pa?” he ask, every so often, either pointing to Grandpa if he was in the room with us, or needing to hear where he went if he wasn’t there.

On Friday, we packed up the car at naptime, and headed back to Indy. And, joy of joys, Henry and Eleanor slept the ENTIRE way home! They must have still had tryptophan in their systems; we usually are lucky to get an hour nap out of them if we’re on the road. We arrived home to the other set of grandparents ready to spoil the babies, and with good memories of a fun Thanksgiving in Champaign.


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