Things that Made Me Smile This Week

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Henry and Eleanor, lying on their stomachs on the kitchen floor, intently watching a ladybug crawl by.

Eleanor hates, and I mean HATES, having her hands dirty. She’ll show them to you, palms up, and whine until you wipe them off for her.

Henry’s latest silly walk, all hunched over and shuffling like an old man. “You kids get off my lawn!” he looks like he should be saying.

Eleanor has a sudden attachment to her kitten blanket/snuggly thing. Once used solely for naptime and bedtime, it now comes out of the crib with her. She carries it around, and will start meowing at you if it’s stuck somewhere and she needs your help to fetch it.

Eleanor won’t say “Henry,” she instead calls him “brother.” Which comes out sounding like “Bubba.” “Julie” comes out sounding like “DeeDee.” And for Mom and Dad she raises her voice at the end, almost giving the words a second, high-pitched syllable. So in Eleanor’s world, her family is Maaa-AAA, Daaa-AAA, Bubba, and DeeDee.

We had our first “crayon scribbles on the wall” incident this weekend. The babies were coloring quietly at their table, when they decided that they needed a bigger canvas for their artistic genius, and turned their attention to the wall. Thank goodness for Mr. Clean magic erasers.

Things I overheard Andy say to the kids today: “Hey, let’s all keep our shirts on,” and “You kinda sound like the Hamburglar.”

Henry and Eleanor have enjoyed running around together this weekend. They like to yell at the top of their lungs while running up and down the hall. Sometimes they’ll do a lap around the kitchen and living room, too. Very noisy, but very sweet to see them act the best of buddies.

Henry now likes to get his own food out of the package. If he knows that cracker or that raisin came out of a package, and you took it out of the package for him, then he wants none of it and will loudly voice his displeasure. You have to hold out the cracker sleeve/raisin box/Goldfish bag/etc. and let him pick out his own food.



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