A-La Peanut Butter Sandwiches!

Monday, November 10, 2008

My love of peanut butter is well known and well mocked. A picky eater in childhood, I ate peanut butter sandwiches for lunch every day and often for supper, too. This peanut butter love has followed me into adulthood—my palate may have expanded to such delicacies as falafel and Indian food, but I still sit and eat my peanut butter every day at lunch.

So of course it was a big deal to feed Henry and Eleanor their first peanut butter sandwiches today. I had been scared to feed them peanut butter; with all the food allergies in children nowadays, the medical community tends to make you feel like PEANUT BUTTER IS DOOM. But since the babies haven’t demonstrated any problems with other allergy-inducing foods, like eggs or strawberries, I decided to go ahead and let them have a taste, crossing my fingers that we wouldn’t have to make a visit to the ER.

After naptime today, I made the three of us a sandwich, and then we sat together at the kitchen table and chowed down. The peanut butter was a big hit! Eleanor whined when she’d get a bit on her hands, but I showed her how to lick it off her fingers.

Aunt Julie came and joined us and shared some of her baked Ruffles. Henry of course wanted to dunk his into the container of french onion dip; we’re going to have to work with him on the “no double-dipping” rule. We finished off snack-time with Henry and Eleanor’s first-ever taste of M&Ms. Quite a momentous snack today!

(Don’t worry, grandmas who might be reading this. The babies were also fed plenty of fruits and veggies today, too. I haven't totally passed on my love of junk food. Yet.)

my little peanuts


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