Saturday, November 8, 2008

The FlesWorthy house is experiencing some changes, both minor and monumental. Matches all the talk of change in our country this week, I guess.

Eleanor and Henry have had a growth spurt, seemingly overnight. Suddenly many of the shirts they just got this fall look a little short, and their pants legs are creeping up. I think a whole new winter wardrobe might be in our future. Yet another occurrence to make me wonder, “Where did my babies go? How is this year speeding by so fast?”

My sister had some major life changes this week, and is planning a possible move to Indy. I’m so thrilled that we might be in the same town, but devastated that her long-term relationship had to end for her to be here. I’m doing some much-needed organizing at home this weekend, making room for Julie to settle in with us while she figures out her next step. If you’re the religious type, say a prayer or two to God/Allah/Xenu for her, ‘kay?


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