Daddy's Day Off

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We had a special mid-week treat and had Andy at home with us today. He is trying to use up some vacation days before the end of the year, and plans to take a few days off here and there to hang out with us.

The babies and I went to a playgroup this morning and got to bring Daddy along with us. This was exciting because not only did Daddy get to see what Henry and Eleanor do during the day, but also because Mommy got to have actual, non-interrupted conversations with the other moms! When I’m chasing two toddlers by myself this doesn’t often happen. The play area we were at is next to an arcade, and one machine burst into dance music at regular intervals. The babies would then stop and dance. Club Baby!

We came home and had a family lunch. Henry and Eleanor had a peanut butter sandwich, some cheese, grapes, and rice cakes. That’s not a baby lunch, is it? That’s a Big Kid Lunch.

All of us next took a family nap, and then went back out to run errands. We took the babies to the library, where Andy and I checked out some books and Henry and Eleanor checked out the little-kid computers (oh boy, does Henry love those). We swung by Kroger on the way home to pick up a few things. Can I just brag for a moment and say how good the babies always are at the grocery store? I know the meltdowns are coming, but for now I enjoy their patience. I don’t think I take them on errands enough for them to be boring and meltdown-worthy yet.

Back home, we played for a bit, then ate supper. Henry and Eleanor scarfed down their turkey deli slices like true carnivores. I think they had about 6 slices each. Thin-sliced, but still. What gobblers! (Thank you! I’m here all week!)

Supper time was followed by bath time, story time, Wheel of Fortune-viewing time, bed time, cleaning-up time, reading time, web-surfing time, and raiding-the-Halloween-candy-for-Laffy-Taffy time. Looking forward to more of Andy’s days off over the next several weeks.

(I didn’t take my camera to playgroup today, so please enjoy this dancing reenactment. Sorry about the poor lighting; the dancing broke out spontaneously, and I had time to grab my camera but not to turn on a light.)


Pete and Shelley said...

I was just telling Pete about our baby dance party, so I'm SO glad you posted the video! Hilarious! I love Henry's sound effects!

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