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Sunday, October 12, 2008

I have lots of stories to share about my fantastic and just-completed girls’ weekend, but I’ll have to tell them later, seeing as how I got home this afternoon and have to turn around tomorrow and leave for Carterville with the babies and parents. In addition, the babies didn’t want me to forget them while I was gone, so they insisted I take their snotty cold with me. But I promise to post updates as soon as I’m in southern Illinois and less snotty/whiny.

In the meantime, why don’t you take this little quiz, entitled Who Had the Better Weekend? (Answer below!)

Who had the better weekend?

a) Jennifer, who cavorted around downtown Chicago with two dear friends, ate tapas and sushi, drank wine and sangria, saw a dance performance and a huge silver bean, made a baby laugh, got overwhelmed by Ikea, enjoyed views of Lake Michigan, played the piano, spied on high-rise neighbors, and thought Chicago traffic was way easier to navigate than she remembered?

b) Andy, who was stuck in Indy with his mother- and father-in-law, minding snotty babies, deforesting our absurdly overgrown yard, and assembling huge, taller-than-him piles of brush that probably contain the poison whatever that attacked Jennifer earlier this summer?

Answer: a)

Did you get it right?


Beth said...

I think I just saw Harold sneaking into Gladys' apartment!! :o Love you guys - give those 3 babies of yours a big hug from me. Hope your sniffles are better.

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