Reading Is FUNdamental

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Can I just tell you how happy this sight makes me?

Henry and Eleanor have spent ALL DAY today playing with their books. Like, “skip Sesame Street because we’re too busy with books” all day. They’ve split their time between “reading” on the chair in their bedroom and playing with a pile of books in the family room.

If there’s one trait I want to instill in my children, it’s a love of reading. Growing up I was the only reader in my family (reading as a HOBBY, folks, we’re not all illiterate in Southern Illinois). I knew Andy was a keeper when I discovered he liked to read while eating meals, too. We don’t want to push reading on Henry and Eleanor, but instead hope they pick up an appreciation after being read to before bedtime, taken to storytime at the library, and having books as accessible as toys. Maybe some day in the future they’ll be all “God, my parents are SO LAME. Only dorks read. I’m going to get on my holographic computer and IM Brayden on MyFacebook.” But for now, at least, our plan seems to be working.


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