We Might Be Heading Towards the Greatest Financial Ruin of Our Time, But At Least My Hair Is Shiny

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Had a non-exciting day with Henry and Eleanor. We did a twins club playgroup this morning. I took my camera along in the hopes of snapping some photos, but there were other non-twin moms there and I was afraid of being That Weird Mom who was chasing after her toddlers with a big fancypants camera. You should see this place where we played, though. It’s a megachurch in the suburbs, with a huuuuuuge playroom with a climbing/sliding/plaything that’s seriously like two stories tall. I’m used to my hometown church with its little nursery in the basement; this church must get heaping piles of gold in their Sunday collection plates or something.

Tonight I went to get a desperately-needed haircut. I prefer my hair long, but have been feeling like (as Oprah says) a shlumpadinka lately. I’ve worn it in a ponytail every day this summer. Combine that with the fact that I don’t wear makeup much anymore and sometimes wear my pajama pants well into the afternoon, and I feel like I’m thisclose to turning up on one of those makeover shows, where style experts cluck their tongues and lecture me about taking care of everybody else but not taking any time for myself. So I cut off a few inches in the hopes that I might actually do my hair once in a while.

Shlumpadinka no more! (well, except for that stain on my shirt)

I need to start preparing for my mom’s visit this weekend (side note: why do I think my house must be spotless when Mom’s coming to visit? What is it about mothers that makes people clean?), but I watched the President’s speech tonight and now I’m too freaked out to tidy up. I had been only halfheartedly reading articles about the economy, but after watching Bush I feel like I should be cowered in the corner, counting my pennies and stocking up on rations. So I’ll worry about impending doom tonight, and worry about cat-hair clumps on my carpet tomorrow.


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