Random Acts of Cuteness

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Since nothing of interest has happened today (seriously, I've stayed in my pajamas and eaten M&Ms all afternoon), I present to you a collection of recent cuteness:

Henry likes to use the calculator as a “phone.”
He always has to walk around when he talks, too. I imagine him having important math conversations. "Hello, Stephen Hawking? What's the derivative of
3(x + 6)? 'Kay, thanks, bye."

Henry tried to put on his new shoes all by himself at the Stride Rite store. At least he tried to put them on his feet; a while back he spent the day wearing his Teva sandals on his hands.

Eleanor was lying on the floor, embarrassed that Henry had just bitten her. Henry got down off the couch, walked over to her, knelt down and rubbed her back. He then lay on the floor next to her and started to make her giggle.

Henry points to my boobs and says, “boo.”

I love it when I’m sitting on the floor, and the babies come over, hand me a book, then turn around and walk backwards into my lap. This sometimes causes them to sit on each other as they try to get into position for a story.

I said, “Come on, Henry! Let’s go eat lunch!” and Henry walked over, turned off the TV, and went into the kitchen.

When Henry and Eleanor are in different rooms, they always call out for each other, and then babble back and forth. They seem to understand each other, but I have no clue what they’re saying!

After storytime at the library, Eleanor likes to distribute books to all the moms in attendance.

Henry loves to clean and wipes off his highchair tray after eating. He also likes the Swiffer duster—he even dusted the dog one day.

The first word Eleanor says when we wakes up is “dog.” She goes, “gog! gog! gog!” over and over until she can get down the hall to find Bentley. Our future veterinarian, perhaps?


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