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Thursday, September 18, 2008

I’m normally a Summer girl through-and-through, but Fall, if you keep up all this sunshine and perfect weather, I just might switch my loyalties.

Today the babies slept in late, to the delight of Mommy, who thinks “morning” should start around 10 a.m. We did the usual breakfast-play-Sesame Street-lunch-play-nap routine, and this afternoon went to a twins club playgroup. It was held at a company that sells those huge expensive wooden swingset things, among other fun stuff, and our club had the run of their showroom. Henry and Eleanor enjoyed playing with the train tables, running around on the basketball court, and going down various slides. The slides were a bit taller than they’re used to, and Eleanor would squeal as she zipped down the slopes.

I know they look bored but they had fun, I promise.

We spent some time playing outside and doing yard work before bathtime tonight, and were joined by the friendly random cat that has been hanging out on our street all summer. Henry and Eleanor love this cat; I suspect because he doesn’t run away from them like our cat does. Henry doesn’t say “cat” but will instead do his cute version of meow. “Wee-EEEE-oooow,” he goes, his voice rising and falling, as if he’s a cat siren.

After bathtime, I took off to run a few errands, taking forever to leave because friendly random cat was still in our driveway, lounging as if he didn’t notice the Toyota Camry trying to get around him. While at Target I browsed the Halloween aisle, looking at ideas for toddler Halloween costumes. Imagine my surprise when I looked up to see Christmas stuff at the end of the aisle, right in between the Halloween items and all the summery garden things that are still around and on clearance. Really, Target? IT’S SEPTEMBER FREAKIN’ SEVENTEENTH.


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