New Shoes

Monday, September 15, 2008

Today we had some cool weather, which made me realize I needed to get the babies some winter shoes. So off we went to the Stride Rite store for some shoe shopping. Eleanor mistook the metal foot-measurer thing for a medieval torture device and started wailing as the poor shoe lady measured her feet. She also began crying when we made her try on a new pair. Eventually she calmed down and she and Henry had fun rearranging all the shoes on the shelves. (Mommy did not have fun putting all the shoes back in their places.) The babies were a whole size bigger than I expected—a size 6—and got their very first pairs of shoes with laces. They looked like such big kids strutting around the store in them.

The total for two little pairs of shoes, after a twins discount? $91.00. I know that shouldn’t seem excessive after we paid almost twenty grand just to get pregnant, but damn, kids are expensive. It was worth it, though—look how cute they are! Big kid shoes!

Lugging the kids to the mall solo wore Mommy out, so we just lounged and played this afternoon. The sushi set was again a big hit, although at one point I looked over to see Eleanor hitting Henry in the head with a big wooden knife. Attempted fratricide notwithstanding, the babies are getting along so well lately. They play together a lot and are usually within a few feet of one another at all times.

On a final, random note, is there anything more adorable than a freshly-washed kid in their jammies?

No. No there is not.


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