Wednesday, September 10, 2008

After a few rough days, it was a cavalcade of cuteness at our house today. Today they played well, ate well, slept well (after a shaky start to naptime and bedtime). Henry draped his arm around Eleanor’s shoulders while listening to Daddy read a book, and Eleanor giggled with glee during our night-night kisses. The best was snuggling on the couch this morning. For an hour, Eleanor was content to lie on my shoulder, and I was content to let her. Henry even joined us for a while. I often lament that having two babies at once means I miss out on just sitting and holding them, so today was a special treat. I know we still have a few days to go, but I’m sure it will be the highlight of my week.

Andy spent the day with us, home sick with an ocular migraine. I showed him my mad mommy skillz by spending all morning on the couch, conking out when the babies went down for their nap, and then dumping the babies on him this afternoon and going to Target. I also let Henry and Eleanor watch waaaay too much television (Andy to Henry: “No, don’t turn it on Becker again.”) Let’s see if Andy believes me the next time he comes home from work and I complain that I’ve had a rough day.

Andy’s head woes aside (he’s better now, thanks for asking), it was a nice, lazy day:


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