Case of the Mondays

Monday, September 8, 2008

Henry and I, as Office Space so eloquently put it, had a case of the Mondays today. Henry has some molars that are trying to break through. They must be really bothering him because he’s been a real Bitchy McCrankypants lately. He’s cried like I’m the WORST!MOM!EVER! for making him do horrible things such as eat lunch. Poor little guy. I’ll just keep dispensing Tylenol every four hours and cross my fingers that those molars poke through soon.

Even I was getting annoyed with my constant whining about how baaaaaaaaad I itch from the poison whatever in my yard, so I called the doctor today and got a prescription for steroids. If I suddenly start to resemble an East German wrestler, that’s probably why.

Eleanor was her usual self today, all smiley and delightful. Henry was wiggling in his high chair at supper, which apparently in toddler world equals hilarious comedy, because Eleanor was shrieking and giggling as if Monty Python were performing in our kitchen. Eleanor is quick to laugh and smile at anybody, but her brother definitely makes her giggle the most of all.

The babies and I spent some time playing outside this afternoon. There’s a little cup that came with our water table, and Henry was trying his hardest to drink from it. He’d dunk it in the water, hold it up to his lips, but leave out the “tilt back and imbibe” step. Finally he gave up and started dipping his fingers into the water, then rubbing them back and forth across his tongue. Hey, whatever works, I guess.


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