Flesworthy Family Fun: Backyard

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The weather was terrific this afternoon. "Let's go outside and play, guys!" I said. "We've got cars! Balls! Chalk! Picnic tables! Slides! It will be so much fun! Woo hoo!"

So what did Henry and Eleanor want to do? Pick up apples, of course. DUH.

After Andy and I discovered the conveniences of child labor, we did manage to have some family fun. Eleanor demonstrated her sliding ability, Henry was enchanted by bubbles, masterpieces were drawn on the driveway, balls were chased, and a good time was had by all.

les artistes

Henry practices his powers of levitation

"Come here often?"

We bought this house for its big yard, thinking it would be perfect for kids. Then for the longest time we worried that we'd never have a family to fill it. The fact that my driveway now has chalk scribbles all over it continues to amaze me.


Beth said...

After reading your Family Fun, I think I will never look at chalk scribbles again without remembering the miracle of children. The scribbles are absolutely beautiful - as is your family. Love you guys!


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