Bye Bye Binky

Monday, August 2, 2010

After three years, it was a day I thought we’d never see. A great love affair is at long last over.

Yes, Henry finally gave up his binky. And honestly? It was much easier than I had imagined.

Andy and I been warning him that it was time, fretting over the big battle we were convinced would ensue. Last week, we decided to go cold turkey. We told Henry that we’d leave out all of our binkys, and that the Binky Fairy would come and take them, leaving presents in their place.

At bedtime last Sunday, the binkys were gathered and placed in a basket by our front door. Monday morning came, and Henry asked me, “Mom, are all my binkys gone?” He started to cry when I told him that yes, they were. But I reminded him about the presents, and he ran to the door to discover two sets of characters from the movie Cars, our current household obsession.

Henry FLIPPED OUT with joy. “Oh, wow!” he exclaimed over and over. And he’s been fine ever since. He did ask for his binky one day when he was under the weather, but we reminded him that he had his cars instead, and that was it. Mostly, he’s been proud to tell us what a big boy he is while composing reproductions of McQueen’s big race.

It’s a little strange to see Henry without his beloved piece of plastic jutting out of his mouth. But it was time to move on, and a relief that the transition went smoothly. A big boy, indeed--farewell, binkys and babyhood!


punkinmama said...

Yay Henry!

So glad the transition was so easy!

Punkin stopped using his the day he turned 3 - we talked it up for a couple of months before his birthday that being 3 means "bye bye paci". I was also shocked and amazed at how easy it was!

Yay for big boys!

Aimee said...

Nice work on the video! Excited to see all the "new" pictures showing his beautiful face!

the kringalings said...

That's the best video for that song I've ever seen! :)

Emily said...

:) Oh my goodness.
You are so hilarious and amazing.
Perfect song. Perfect pictures.
I laughed and cried the whole song.
Way to go, Henry.

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