Spring Break: Toddlers Gone Wild!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our niece, Molly, just spent a long weekend with us for part of her spring break. We loved having her here; after all the fun we had, I’m thinking about marketing us as a spring break destination.

Come fight the Final Four crowds with us, to stand around in a crowd of Michigan State fans for an hour and a half to catch a few glimpses of Sparty, and to hear Eleanor yell “NO!” so loud in the middle of Tom Izzo’s speech that he totally pauses to react to it!

Be constantly accosted by two munchkins who love and adore you so much they won’t let you out of their sight! Plus, if you book now, we’ll throw in the adoring cat for free!

Spend Easter Sunday watching said munchkins flip their lids over eggs! The excitement continues when Jennifer spends the day doing laundry!

Travel to exotic locales such as Target and Kroger!

Witness Henry throw not one, but TWO of his Biggest! Tantrums! Ever! right in the middle of the Children’s Museum!

Reserve now—space is limited!


Anonymous said...

I loved watching Henry's tantrums. What a doll. It is soooooo much better when it's your nephew and not your own children.

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