(My) Kids Say the Darndest Things

Monday, November 23, 2009

When we were all under the weather a week or so ago, I prepared some Benadryl for the kids.
ME: Come on, guys, let’s take some medicine.
HENRY: (in perfect sing-song voice) Boys and giiiiiiirrrrrls! Time for medddicinnnne!


Sitting at breakfast table, Bentley lays nearby licking his paws
ELEANOR: Noooo, Bentley! No! Don’t eat you paws! That’s not food!


Henry’s latest song creation
Daddy change my diaper
poopy diaper
poop poop poop poop


ANDY: What do you want for lunch?
ELEANOR: Butter sandwich
ANDY: (grabs peanut butter sandwich fixings) How did they go from saying puffavich to butter sandwich?
ELEANOR: Noooooo! I no want bug sandwich!
HENRY: I want bug sandwich!


changing Henry’s diaper
HENRY: Kiss it.
ME: Kiss what, sweetie?
HENRY: Kiss my poop.
ME: Oh no, I’m not going to kiss your poop.
HENRY: It make your face all dirty?


the kringalings said...


Wow. My boy asked for a kiss once when we were changing diapers, but it was for something more precious than his poop... Yeah, we don't do that. Don't every let anyone do that.

E said...

lol. I will be laughing all night through the Thanksgiving Eve service. lol. I love the last one. I love them all.

Brilliant. Kiss my poop. :) :) :)

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