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Monday, October 12, 2009

Things have been busy at the Flesworthy household as of late. The biggest event around here was my little sister moving west to Portland on basically three days’ notice. Well, I mean she knew she was moving, but a job interview got scheduled and she decided to move up her leave date by several weeks. For like two whole days all four of us cousins on my mom’s side lived in the same city, so we celebrated with a family dinner and mariachis the night before Julie left. Also, Mom drove up for an impromptu weekend visit to see her off. Lots of tears and we miss her terribly, but she’s loving Portland so far. She’s probably eating some organic food and contemplating buying an electric car as you’re reading this.

Andy & I took advantage of Grandma-provided babysitting to sneak out and test-drive some minivans, and long story short, I was all set to love a Toyota since we love our Camry but all of a sudden we might be buying a Honda Odyssey. We’re still waiting to give final approval on the one we want, but if everything goes well we might soon have a new (to us) car. 5-year debt! Yay!

Andy still has a few weeks left of his creative writing class, but my photography class finished up two Thursdays ago. I really enjoyed it and want to take another class this winter to hear all the vocabulary words again. I think photography could develop into a really fun hobby if I can ever figure out all the settings in my fancypants camera. Our final assignment was to photograph anything we wanted—here’s what I submitted:

Henry and Eleanor have kept busy with lots of playdates, and, if I’m being honest, lots of Sesame Street and Caillou during all the recent rainy weather. We’ve returned to weekly library story times, and checked out open gym at the Y, where Eleanor freaked out when she realized there were no bouncing opportunities. It’s always fun when it’s YOUR kid that’s the one screaming.


Aimee said...

Lovin the cheek smush AND the fact that it was your kid instead of mine yelling this week :-)

E said...

YOU ARE ALL SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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