Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A few housekeeping announcements:

I dropped the “Casa de” from my title, henceforth my blogging empire shall now be known as Flesworthy. When I started my blog, I typed the first thing that popped into my head as the title, thinking, “oh, it’s just a placeholder, I’ll change it later” and then nope, never changed it. But I don’t even speak Spanish, so I probably should have named the blog Chez Flesworthy since I parle français un peu, but if you heard me attempt to speak French you would laugh at me, so whatever. Now I’m just Flesworthy.

And yeah, that box over there to the right is totally an advertisement. I got accepted this week into the BlogHer ad network. They editorially review your blog before they let you in, so I’m feeling like a cool kid. Okay, so there’s like 2500 blogs in the ad network, but just let me have my delusions of grandeur, please. And if you want to visit my blog often to bestow some pageviews upon me, that would be great. Those domain names and Flickr pro accounts don’t pay for themselves, people.


Amanda said...

I like it, is the header a new font, I definitely like that. I also like that since I changed my blog name I'm at the top of you list - score one for the W's

the kringalings said...

hmmm... I need to learn about this money making bloggin...

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