Yesterday: Totally Sucked, Or Maybe Not Really

Friday, April 3, 2009

Today the babies and I are still in jammies and have spent most of the day watching TV and eating Nilla Wafers. With a lack of excitement today, let’s review yesterday instead.

Why Thursday Really Sucked
My Wednesday didn’t end until close to 3:00 a.m. Thursday morning, thanks to a random bout of insomnia.

Henry, Eleanor and I started on our way to a fun playgroup with some twin friends, but instead got stuck in traffic after an accident closed down the interstate. We spent TWO HOURS in the car, getting to an exit and turning around to head home.

I treated myself to McDonald’s for lunch on the way home from the Traffic from Hell. McDonald’s treated me to a weird stomach for the afternoon.

After naptime I suddenly realized that I had sent Henry and Eleanor off to bed for their nap without a proper lunch, just the snack of Goldfish with a side of a few fries that they had in the car.

Did I mention that we spent TWO HOURS in the car?

Why Thursday Was Probably Not as Bad as I Think It Was
Henry and Eleanor were surprisingly well behaved in the Traffic from Hell. They had a couple moments of grouchiness, but Mommy did, too.

The babies took a nice, long nap, which let me sneak in a nice nap as well.

We played outside after supper, where Henry and Eleanor were in a frenzy over bubbles.

I got to hang out at the mall with my sister last night, sporting some rocking blue mascara thanks to the Dior counter at Sephora (just like I wore in eighth grade in 1986—like, totally awesome!) and testing out the massage chairs at Brookstone.


Emily said...

eek. traffic stinks. blue mascara, however, is perfection. :) sounds like some fun sister time. hope your weekend was delightful.

the kringalings said...

Way to see the world through blue-tinted lashes.

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