Thursday, April 2, 2009

Flesworthy kitchen, Tuesday afternoon. Mommy plucks can of Play-Doh from stack of birthday gifts, presents Henry and Eleanor with this never-before-played-with new toy.

Mommy: Look, Henry and Eleanor! It’s Play-Doh!

Eleanor: I’m not sure what the point of this is.
Henry: It’s what now?

Mommy: It’s a fun new toy! It’s Play-Doh!

Eleanor: Am I supposed to eat this?
Henry: I have reservations about this novel and mysterious substance.

Mommy: No, we don’t eat it. It’s not a snack, it’s Play-Doh. Look, we can make shapes with it. See, roll it in your hands and make a ball! Mommy just made a cube!

Eleanor: Is it a cube I can eat? Give it here…
Henry: I am still unsure.

Mommy: Just play with it! It’s Play-Doh! We can make shapes, you can press it or roll it, whatever you’d like. It’s fun!

Henry: Upon further inspection, I must agree that this is quite enjoyable. Behold, these blobs I have fashioned are automobiles!

Mommy: That’s great, Henry! Cars! You made cars!

Henry: ZOOM!


Emily said...

:) Play-doh! :) :) :) :) :) Looks fantastic. Almost makes me want to go buy some; seems it would be good for some grown-up, pre-pastor de-stressing time!

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