My Awesome Week, Thanks to A Stomach Bug

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My stomach bug awesomeness (and no, I’m actually not being sarcastic!) occurs later in the week, but let’s start at the beginning, because the whole week had some very awesome components.

Okay, so Andy left Monday morning for an overnight work trip. I was not looking forward to parenting solo for all of Monday and most of the day Tuesday. But Henry and Eleanor were lovely and behaved on Monday. They slept in late, played well, took a long nap, and were charming. Julie came over that evening after supper, so that last hour or so of the day I had some help, and the kiddos had someone to dote on them. After Henry and Eleanor went to bed, I finished up Julie’s taxes. Between you and me, I secretly enjoy doing taxes, so even that part of the day was awesome.

On Tuesday, Henry and Eleanor were a bit cranky and demanding, so let’s just gloss over that and skip forward to Tuesday night. I handed the kids off to Andy as soon as he walked in the door, and headed out to my twins’ club spring banquet. It was very fancy and awesome, and a lovely evening spent with some fun gals. We had great food (including yummy homemade cupcakes), recognition of our outgoing officers, member of the year, and perfect attendance folks (of which I was one; I could have sworn I missed a meeting somewhere—I must have less of a life than I thought), and a candlelight swearing in of the new officers. I am officially now an vice president for the next year. (Said in best Cartman voice) RESPECT MY AUTHORI-TAAAAAY!

I came home and snuck in the nursery to gaze upon my sleeping children, giggling as I heard Eleanor fart in her sleep. “Just like Daddy!” I thought, laughing. However, those cute sleepy-time toots were actually Farts of Impending Doom; a short time later Eleanor started fussing, and I ran to her room to discover her puking everywhere. We had several more rounds of this—puke, change clothes, change sheets, comfort child, put her back to bed, wait twenty minutes, repeat. As a side note, my not-very-religious-anymore self tends to not believe the old adage “everything happens for a reason,” but after being without a working washing machine for four days we had a plumber come out THAT VERY AFTERNOON to unclog our drain. Can you imagine the plumber being scheduled even one day later, causing a mountain of puke-stained laundry to pile up? *shudder*

Wednesday was spent changing Eleanor’s diapers a lot and watching Lost with Andy. Not much awesomeness there (except maybe Lost, but how would I know, since I can’t figure out what the hell is going on), so let’s fast-forward to…

Thursday morning I woke up and was greeted by a wave of nausea as I rolled out of bed. I tried to suck it up and carry on with my day, but after being jostled by toddlers for a few hours, I made a very whiny phone call to Andy. My saintly husband took Thursday afternoon and Friday off of work so I could recover from the bug that Eleanor had so generously passed along to me.

And OMG, PEOPLE, THE STOMACH FLU IS SO AWESOME. I mean, yeah, I felt like I was going to toss my cookies for 24 hours straight, and had to go without food, but I was able to lie in bed all afternoon. And run an artwork CD to a sign company for the upcoming twins club sale signs and banners, a 15-minute errand that would have taken at least 45 had I drug a couple of two-year-olds with me. And go to bed early and sleep for 13 (yes, THIRTEEN) hours, rolling out of bed close to noon on Friday. And have the house to myself for an hour or two Friday afternoon while Henry and Eleanor enjoyed Daddy-time and perfect spring weather at the park. And take a nice long shower while Daddy handled bathtime for the kiddos.

Being a stay-at-home mom is an awesome job, but it also means your “job” is with you 24/7. So hey, I will take a break any way I can get it. Note to self: weaken immune system, become ill more often.

I hope your week was just as awesome! How ‘bout this lovely weather, huh?


Emily said...

Way to go, Vice Prez! :) Whoo-hoo. AND perfect attendance.

Sorry about all the germiness. But glad you got some extra rest.

the kringalings said...

Hey! Your new job as vice prez is to kick me in gear to get to the outings!

the kringalings said...

oh - and I hope you are feeling better...

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