Easter Weekend: Tots, Thor, Two-Square, Tenderloin, Terminator, Too Much Candy

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter weekend was spent here at home, celebrating in some traditional and some not-so-traditional ways.

On Saturday, Julie joined us for a pre-Easter cook-out. We dined on my beloved Whole Foods hamburgers and tater tots, and then settled in for Thor: Hammer of the Gods on the SciFi network. We watched the movie because one of Julie’s good friends was starring in it (he was good, too!), but it was worth watching anyway because it featured a) Vikings, b) werewolves, and c) the oldest kid from Home Improvement, who couldn’t decide if he had an English accent or not.

On Sunday, we awoke to a gorgeous sunny day. During Henry and Eleanor’s naptime, the Easter Bunny snuck out into the yard to hide some eggs and a new bubble toy. After checking the weather forecast, the Easter Bunny saved the new crayons and sketchbooks for a rainy Monday. When Henry and Eleanor awoke, we handed them their Halloween candy baskets (because Mommy was all, “Eh, I’ll buy ‘em Easter baskets next year, they don’t know what’s going on.”) and led them outside for an egg hunt. The kiddos really got into the spirit of things and had fun racing around the yard in search of eggs. After finding all the hidden eggs, we brought the baskets to the driveway and showed Henry and Eleanor that there was a piece of candy in each one. Henry was, like, “WHOA! DUDE!” and immediately started shoving candy in his mouth. Eleanor for some reason freaked out and ran away from the candy action. She eventually came back and started partaking, getting in her fair share before Henry consumed it all.

We then spent a fun afternoon in the sun, blowing bubbles, drawing with chalk, and trying to explain to Henry and Eleanor that no, there aren’t more eggs, we’ve found them all, see them in your baskets? I blocked out a two-square court on the driveway and battled Andy for dominance. Yes, I know I should have outgrown two-square 25 years ago, but people, I was the 1983 Carterville Grade School 4th Grade Four-Square Tournament Champion. That kind of love for the game will never die.

I love Easter, but do not understand the Easter ham phenomenon, because ham is disgusting. So for supper we feasted upon pork tenderloin (like ham, only delicious), baked potatoes, and candy, candy, and more candy. Easter evening was spent watching the second Terminator movie. Wouldn’t it be cool if, in the Bible, Jesus had whipped off his sunglasses at some point in the Pontius Pilate/Last Supper/Garden of Gesthemane story and said in his best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice, “I’ll be back”?


Emily said...

What a fantastic Easter! The kids look adorable. Eleanor's hair is getting so long!

Also, I'm so thankful to know about another of your many amazing talents: 4 Square Champ. Not that I am surprised. You are quite the woman, Jennifer. :)

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