Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Friday, February 13, 2009

Let’s see, it’s the end of a long week, on a very sunny Friday afternoon, how about we hand out some thumbs up and thumbs down? Doesn’t that sound fun?

Thumbs down to 2009, who thought it was a good idea to have a Friday the 13th in February AND March AND November. What’s up with all the bad luck, yo?

Thumbs up to the fact that we’re counting down the hours until Andy’s furlough begins. I’m looking forward to having Andy around next week.

Thumbs down to the fact that Andy won’t get paid for his week-long furlough.

Thumbs up to a fun playgroup at the mall on Wednesday morning and a fun sign-language story time at the library on Thursday morning.

Thumbs up to no-children nights out with awesome twin-mom friends on Wednesday night (at Bazbeaux’s for some pizza) and Thursday night (bingo!).

Two thumbs up to Eleanor’s supreme bedhead this morning:

Thumbs down to the just one Diet Pepsi I have left in the house that must sustain me for the rest of the day.

Thumbs up to the dad at the Children’s Museum yesterday afternoon who spelled out “I luv Mommy” with his toddler on the magnetic letter board.

Thumbs down to the mom who didn’t seem to appreciate it all that much.

Thumbs up to Henry’s ever-emerging silliness, whether it’s doing a “point at Mom” dance, or getting Eleanor’s attention so he can make ridiculous faces at her through his plate.

Thumbs up for warm weather and a trip to the park on Tuesday afternoon:

Thumbs up to Eleanor’s love of slides, which she expressed at Henry’s haircut, at the park, at the mall, and at the Children’s Museum.

Thumbs down to the snot that kept us housebound on Monday while we all sneezed and dripped and coughed.

Thumbs up to Henry’s new stick-out-his-tongue look of concentration:

Thumbs up to Henry and Eleanor holding hands and walking to the car together at the park.

Thumbs down to my Tivo recording the second hour of American Idol instead of Lost.

Thumbs up to the fun trip we’re taking this weekend to Illinois to visit family, some of whom will meet Henry and Eleanor in person for the first time.

Thumbs down to the amount of packing I still have to do before we leave tonight. In fact, why am I on the computer? Back to work!


the kringalings said...

I love the tongue picture!

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