Supper with Toddlers

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday evening, Flesworthy kitchen.

Andy: So, how was your day?

Jennifer: Pretty good, I think Henry’s feeling a little—

Eleanor: Starfish! Starfish! signs starfish

Jennifer: Yes, starfish.

Henry: Starfish! Starfish! signs starfish

Andy: That’s right, starfish.

Eleanor and Henry: in unison Starfish! Starfish! sign starfish

Jennifer: Uh huh. Starfish. So yeah, Henry’s feeling better. How was your day?

Andy: Oh, it was busy. I had a meeting

Eleanor: More dutch! More dutch!

Jennifer: You have chips. Right there.

Eleanor: DIP! DIP!

Jennifer: Look, you have dip, too.

Henry: peaaaah buuuuuh!

Andy: What’s he saying?

Jennifer: He’s saying “peanut butter.” No, sweetie, look. It’s grilled cheese.

Andy: Cheese!

Henry: peaaaah buuuuh!

Eleanor: More dutch! More dutch!

Jennifer: So, your day was busy?

Andy: Yeah, but my meetings went well. We sold five con—

Henry: peaaaah buuuuh!

Jennifer: Sure, whatever, it’s peanut butter.

Andy: --tracts last week, which is great.

Eleanor: scoops finger in dip, holds finger up, looks concerned AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Jennifer: It’s okay, Eleanor, just lick it off.

Eleanor: licks finger

Henry: scoops finger in dip, holds finger up, looks concerned AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Andy: Lick it off, dude.

Henry: licks finger

Eleanor and Henry: holding up dip-covered fingers AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Andy and Jennifer: LICK. IT. OFF.

Jennifer: Five contracts? That’s awesome. How will the rest of your—

Henry: stuck stuck stuck STUCK STUCK STUCK STUCK!

Andy: adjusts Henry’s seat

Jennifer: —week go? Eleanor, can you eat some more of your sandwich?

Andy: It’s going to be busy, getting ready for my furlough week. distributes remaining chips Look guys, no more chips.

Eleanor: Bye dutch! Bye-bye dutch!

Henry: pointing Dad. Mom. Eleanor.

Eleanor: removes left sock, places on right hand, attempts to scoop up dip with socked hand

Andy: Oh, Eleanor, no no no, don’t put your sock in the dip. removes sock

Henry: Down play? Down play? Down play? Down play?

Jennifer: Henry, do you want to get down and play?

Henry: shakes head NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO

Andy: Our children are crazy.


the kringalings said...

giggle... I need to see the real play because I only visualize my dinner table. :)

E said...

:) :) :) :) :)

So sweet.

Thanks for sharing that you have a fear of the dark, too. I hear all the coolest and most wonderful people on earth have this quirk. So, congrats!

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