Why Today Was A Good Day

Friday, January 30, 2009

I finally got to leave the house after being snowed in. Henry and Eleanor and I spent the morning at the mall, frolicking in the play area and eating lunch in the food court.

Henry pointed out the letter “M” on the floor of the mall play area.

I ate lunch out all by myself, wrangling strollers, high chairs, and two toddlers.

I shouted, “Go! Stop!” (complete with sign language) with the babies at lunch, to the smiles of the tables around us.

Henry and Eleanor took a nice, long nap.

The afternoon went by quickly.

I designed a form for Andy.

Eleanor pointed out the “Q” on the new quilt from Grandma.

Eleanor brought me her MagnaDoodle and asked me to write “Obama.”

Henry and Eleanor were fired up to eat hummus at supper. “DIP! DIP!”

We received Andy’s W-2, so I can start our taxes.

I played in the hallway with the babies, lying on the floor while Henry and Eleanor shouted, “baby pile!” and tackled Mommy.

It wasn’t a bath night.

Henry and Eleanor demanded kisses before I left to go run errands.

I went to the brand-spanking-new Kroger that opened nearby.

I heard “Love Shack” on the radio.

I checked on the kids in their cribs, getting a “thankyoumom” when I adjusted Eleanor’s blanket, and seeing my sweet Henry point at me, say “Mom,” and then make kissing sounds.

I ate Taco Bell.

Andy says I get to sleep in tomorrow!


E said...

Sounds like a fabulous Friday - I hope your Saturday was equally amazing. And I hope you really did get to sleep in. :)


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