Monday, January 26, 2009

Nothing horribly exciting happened today, and I’m too tired to try to tell you about it wittily, so here’s what we did: slept in, went to Kroger, ate hummus for lunch and got some naaaaaaasty garlic breath, played, pointed out the tractor on Mommy’s shirt a gazillion times, watched Signing Time, went to twins club meeting.

This morning Henry and Eleanor rediscovered their wigs. Henry wanted to put on his wig, sit on his stool and have his photo taken, then look at the photo on the camera’s LCD screen.

I’ve mentioned before that Henry and Eleanor have a lack of personal space with each other. I think it must be a twin thing—I love my sister and all, but don’t necessarily need to always sit thisclose to her. Even when there is room to spread out, I’ll often catch the babies snuggling close. They sat together on the ottoman this afternoon through several videos.



E said...

AWWWWW! That buddies picture is soooooo cute. They are so awesome. I love their shoes, too! Didn't your mom get those?

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