I Sure Slept A Lot Today for Someone Not Hungover

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Andy and I rang in 2009 at home last night. It was a nice, relaxing night in. We watched a movie, ate junk food and drank a beer, and declared our year to be blissfully normal. New Year’s Eve from 2002 through 2006 consisted of us counting down the last seconds: “10…9…8…Thank GOD this year is almost over…7…6…5…4…pleaseohpleaseohplease let bad stuff not happen to us next year…3…2…1…Happy New Year seriously we can’t take any more tragedies!” So to lounge in sweatpants last night and look back at a year of being a regular family with two healthy children filling our lives was a big treat.

While waiting for midnight, I flipped the channel to MTV, didn’t recognize the rocker dude performing and was all GAH YOU ARE PLAYING TOO LOUD WHO ARE YOU, then flipped it to ABC for some Dick Clark, saw the Jonas Brothers and was all OMG I COULD BE YOUR MOTHER, ALSO I CAN’T NAME A SINGLE ONE OF YOUR SONGS. I finally turned to CNN instead. I guess 2008 is the Year I Officially Became Old.

My brain must have thought last night was a little more wild, because I managed to get nothing done today except for sleep in and then take a three-hour nap in the afternoon. So much for my plans of cleaning and organizing. I love breaking New Year’s resolutions before the year is even twelve hours old.

The highlight of today was the first bingo of 2009. Wow, it sure was crowded. Julie and I had to wander around to find a space to sit before finally commandeering the water table, moving the water cooler and taking its place. They had special prices tonight, which resulted in us playing 48 cards instead of our usual six. Talk about major brain overload. It was fun but a little too much bingo action; I’ll go back to my usual leisurely pace next week. I never would have guessed the first day of 2009 would be spent in a bingo hall with my sister who now lived in the same city as me, but I wouldn’t have chosen to be anywhere else.


Pete and Shelley said...

Don't feel bad....I watched CNN too. Since we are on Central time, they cut the Dick Clark thing off for an hour and replaced it with sucky local stuff.....then I tried MTV..... then stopped on Anderson Cooper. Then I went to bed at 12:01. Luckily, the babies slept in until 7:50! Yaaayyyyy!

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