Monday, January 12, 2009

Of course Henry and Eleanor slept in today, since we had a playgroup that started at 9:30. After scarfing down breakfast, scooping items into the diaper bag and wrestling socks and shoes onto toddlers, we headed out to play. Henry and Eleanor enjoyed a fun morning of rocking horses, slides, balls, and cars, and I enjoyed a morning of socialization with other twin moms.

The fun continued after naptime, when the babies wandered out to the living room to discover the tent that I purchased at Ikea yesterday and set up while they were sleeping. They just learned the sign for “tent” from a Signing Time video, so they would exclaim “tent!” and point at it to make sure I saw it, sitting there in the middle of the room. They spent all afternoon in the tent, dragging their toys in to play, and lounging inside and peering through the doorway to watch a video.

Andy arrived home from work a little early this afternoon. He set up his laptop to finish his workday in our kitchen. Eleanor saw Andy at the table, and then grabbed her play computer and joined him. It was so cute to see her “working” alongside her Daddy.

Tonight after errand-running, I made myself a bowl of ice cream sprinkled with M&Ms leftover from my Christmas stocking. Worried that my crunching would annoy Andy as he watched his Tivo’d episode of 24, I crawled into the tent to enjoy my treat. Andy mocked my childish sitting-in-a-tent-and-eating-ice-cream behavior; luckily the window in the back of the tent was just big enough to show him the one-fingered salute I gave him in return.


E said...

Hey there! I didn't know you had a blog. :) How fun. I love it - you are a great writer. Also, that tent looks amazing! I bet the kiddos love it. Have a great rest-of-the-week.

Emily Carson

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