Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Spent a day at home with the kiddos—Eleanor was dripping snot everywhere, plus it was cold and snowy. Henry and Eleanor had a day of tent lounging, Signing Time watching, apple eating, Mommy snuggling, and book reading.

For supper, Andy, Julie and I enjoyed some treats I bought during my grocery store sojourn. We had tacos, fried plantains, and guava, washed down with Mexican Coke. The real cane sugar and caffeine in the Coke kept me awake until midnight, but yum, it was soooooooooo worth it.

After supper, Julie and I sat in the play tent and had some dessert. The inside of the tent smells just like the tent my sister and I had when we were little. Julie said it “smells like childhood.” I tried to get Andy to sit in the tent to eat his ice cream (hiding out totally makes the ice cream taste better, no really, I swear) but he wouldn’t play along, eliciting a chorus of “booooooo!”s from inside the tent.


Poor Andy. This is what he has to contend with on a daily basis.


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