Flesworthy Family Fun: Back to the Children's Museum

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Andy and I felt the need for a fun out-of-the-house family activity, and for lack of a better plan, we decided to head to the Children’s Museum after naptime this afternoon.

Side note: Eleanor woke up from her nap with the most magnificent bedhead I have ever witnessed. Her hair swirled in all directions, in ways I did not think could occur in nature. Sadly, I was unable to snap a photo, but it pretty much looked like this, only more awesome:

Anyhow, I know we had just been to the Children’s Museum the day before, but I looked forward to returning without the pressure of watching two babies by myself. We decided to do the trip sans stroller, and Henry and Eleanor did surprising well. They were content to be carried when necessary, and did a good job of holding hands and walking from exhibit to exhibit.

After checking our coats, we headed upstairs to ride the carousel, something we hadn’t done during our previous visits. As we stood in line, Henry and Eleanor were fascinated with the fiberoptic lights overhead, assembled to look like a night sky. They would look up and make the sign for stars. Finally, it was our turn, and we picked out a tiger and a horse for the babies to ride. You could tell we had never done anything like this before—they just kind of sat there and took it all in, Henry with a “whoa, dude” look on his face. Eleanor eventually snuck in a few back-and-forth sways to the calliope music that accompanied our ride.

After the carousel, we looked at a few of the other toy-filled exhibits nearby, and walked through a room of mirrors. We headed back to the science exhibit, where Henry and Eleanor again loved watching the fish. Henry gave the occasional excited chirp at the fish, and Eleanor lied on her tummy to get a better view through the ground-level window. We finished up our visit with a trip to the toddler area to play in the water and sand and go down the slide.

Tonight, Henry was still in a festive mood, and demanded “more dance!” So we put on some tunes and finished our day with a Flesworthy dance party.


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