Friday, January 23, 2009

For the past three days Henry and Eleanor have been positively charming. They’ve slept well, eaten well, played well, and in general have been very pleasant little creatures to be around. After all of the cold weather/colds/grouchiness of last week, it’s been a nice change of pace.

On Wednesday the babies and I headed to the library for story time. The program included a more-than-usual amount of songs, which Henry enjoyed. He had the sweetest happy look on his face as he tried to do the motions along with the singing. Eleanor concerned herself with making sure that Henry always had a seat cushion to sit on, and enjoyed playing with the puzzles during after-story playtime.

Thursday morning brought another playgroup, this time at the church with the huge indoor playground that we’ve visited before. I got to hang out with some moms from my twins club while the kiddos ran around. I noticed an older girl (maybe 4 or 5ish) that kept trying to play with Henry; at one point I looked up to see her walking across the room with Henry, holding hands. It gave me a jolt to realize that someday Henry and Eleanor will spend most of the day away from me, in the company of other kids. I wanted to run across the room, yelling, “hussy! stay away from my boy!”

Today we spent the morning at the Children’s Museum, at another twins club playgroup. We played in the toddler area, where Henry and Eleanor once again enjoyed the sand and water tables. Henry found the bird diorama that so enthralled him during our last visit, and they both would bring me letters from the magnetic wall, calling every one of them “A” or “O.” Eleanor discovered the slide, and Henry cooked some grapes in the play kitchen.

After naptime, and after discovering that our 40-degree temperature wasn’t going to last, we headed outside. The driveway was drawn on, planes were pointed out, and the babies were thrilled to discover the patch of snow in the shadow of the neighbor’s house. They played in the snow with their toy gardening tools, and were disappointed when Mom declared that their hands were getting cold and it was time to go back in the house.

Back inside, I heard giggles erupting from the ottoman, and found Henry and Eleanor devising a game that involved laying on the ottoman on their stomachs, then sliding off onto the floor with a thud. They had a great time, then played another game that involved tackling each other in the hallway. They’ve been the best of buddies this week, even climbing up the changing table to give the other a kiss during diaper changes. I always think I have the best job in the world, but on days like we had this week I think I have the most fun, too.


E said...

Such sweet updates. Awwwww. They are such awesome kids and you are an awesome momma! Those different play groups all sound so neat.

Thanks for the recommendations on my page! I was thinking about getting a season of Battlestar on DVD and trying it out. I hear it's really good.

I just have to tell you - this past week was kind of yucky. But whenever I would feel a little down, I would just watch the video of the kids eating their peanut butter sandwiches during the inaugeration. :) It always helped!

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