Christmas in Indy: Saturday and Sunday

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Saturday was our third and final Christmas. We woke up that morning to discover that Santa had visited our house yet again. We must have been extra good this year! Henry’s and Eleanor’s faces lit up when they spotted their play kitchen under (beside, actually) the tree. They spent several minutes opening the doors, turning the knobs, and inspecting the sink while the baby paparazzi snapped pictures and video to record their first “big gift from Santa” moment. We also pointed out the new train table from Grandma and Grandpa that had materialized in our family room. And the wrapped present that Henry and Eleanor had spent the previous day using as a slide contained a new train set. More gifts under the tree and in our stockings were opened and oohed and aahed over—a new bracelet for Julie, a camera for video-chatting for Grandma and Grandpa, books for the babies, yummy treats for Andy and I.

After a quick trip to Sam’s Club and Kroger, the rest of the day was spent enjoying our new toys and each other’s company. The babies got to play outside in the near-record warm weather. I enjoyed a glass of wine and a few rounds of video games with my sister (Wii and wiine, we called it). Mom cooked up a big supper for us—roast beef, mashed potatoes and noodles, and veggies. Henry and Eleanor were quite the cut-ups at supper and kept us laughing throughout; Henry was doing his “MORECRACKERMORECRACKER” silly voice. Before bedtime, Eleanor put on the silly glasses Aunt Julie had given her. We put her wig on, too, and she was running around like a little Gene Shalit.

On Sunday, we all ate breakfast together, and then it was time for Grandma and Grandpa to pack up and go home. Andy, Julie, and I took down the Christmas tree and decorations and reorganized our family room to make room for all of Henry and Eleanor’s holiday loot. It was fun to stretch our Christmas out into an entire week, and I’m incredibly thankful to have spent time with all of our family, both in Champaign and Indy.


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